Final Post

The world has changed and so have I. Months of COVID-19 isolation, anxiety from national and world events, plus my own ongoing health issues are making me re-think priorities.

I am a lifelong reader and that won’t change. What I am reading, and how I wish to share my thoughts, has changed. I will continue to track what I am reading on Goodreads, but no longer have the will and energy to write full reviews. You can follow me there under The Brown Bookloft.

This site will remain up until my membership expires next spring, but will no longer be updated.

Thank you for reading The Brown Bookloft. There are so many wonderful review sites and book blogs out there. Keep reading!

Sincerely, Gale, The Brown Bookloft

2 thoughts on “Final Post

  1.  Tried unsuccessfully to leave a comment……..too complicated!    Sorry but I understand you’re tired……..Keep the faith, it’ll get better soon.  xoxo  J


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